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Free Shipping / No Sales Tax / Call Us 725-777-5484
Free Shipping / No Sales Tax / Call Us 725-777-5484

About Architecture Mates

About Us

There is nothing like the special bond of shopping at a family-owned, local business. However, as an online retailer serving the entire USA, everyone is our neighbour.

While many big box hardware stores are great on price and convenience, they lack personal customer service and quality, expert assistance.

At Architecture Mates, we combine the convenience of free shipping, great customer service, and the best pricing available in the markets.

Our everyday actions are based on one simple goal: Give the customers the great experience they deserve.

Our Story

Architecture Mates is owned by Architecture Mates LLC, a company that was founded in 2020 by two Finnish mates Veeti Sairanen and Miika Tuomela.

Our founders were born and raised in Finland, the cold north country in which the sauna was invented over 2000 years ago. We had the luxury to enjoy saunas, hot tubs, and fire pits during cold Nordic winters.

During our visits to America, in the early 2010:s, we were wondering; where are all the saunas? Back then especially saunas and fire-heated hot tubs hadn’t established their place in North-American culture. That was weird since the great USA is one of the richest countries in the world. We decided to start changing the culture from there.

As you can tell, we are currently rapidly expanding to offer other products as well. Thanks to our great supplier relationships, we’re able to offer you with highest quality products in the market. 

Satisfaction and Support Are Always Our Top Priorities:

We have the responsibility to offer an exceptional shopping experience. We don’t only have this responsibility towards our customers, but also towards our suppliers. We’re able to sell the best brands in the market, only because we continue to prove ourselves every day.

Thank you for stopping by, and we invite you to make yourself at home! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.


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